About Orange Technologies, Inc.

Orange Technologies, Inc. is a national provider of computer software, systems and services. Founded in 1981 as Orange Systems, Inc. the Rockville, Maryland based company was later purchased and renamed Orange Technologies, Inc. in 1996. During its history, the company has provided software development, computer software training, network engineering, and systems maintenance to commercial, industrial, and government clients worldwide. Orange Technologies, Inc. has offices throughout the US and Canada, as well as an international authorized reseller network.

Orange has offered Commercial and Industrial Piping, HVAC, Electrical, and Hanger software products that run on AutoDesk products worldwide since 1983. Recent additions to our suite of products include BIM and Spooling solutions. From fabrication to plant design, comprehensive shared databases and utilities provide users with powerful and solid award winning design and drawing tools. Initially designed by piping designers, for piping designers, the Commercial and Industrial suites of modules provide a smooth work flow combining the logical sequencing of design and the innovations of technology. Our clients are engaged in the petrochemical, commercial, pulp & paper, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage markets.

The company underwent a total transformation over the past two years encompassing every aspect of our organization. The result is an extremely customer focused, streamlined operation with a commitment to deliver best of class software and customer satisfaction. As a result, our new generation of software products offers excellent value for the price, meet the customer’s workflow processes, and ensure we exceed the customer’s requirements.