VCAM for Contractors:

Throughout the project hundreds of documents are generated. VCAM makes it possible to organize and manage these documents by associating them with related objects in the model. Once linked to the model, they can be archived and available for rapid access and review.

Imagine a streamlined commissioning and turnover process where you deliver a model rich with information, rather than delivering multiple filling cabinets stuffed with paper. That’s what VCAM delivers.

VCAM is easy to learn and allows the construction professional to establish relationships between data, the model(s), and the site. Some of the broader capabilities include:


  • Allows design specifications to be stored with related model elements.
  • Allows design options to be retained and associated with model elements.
  • Allows all design iterations to be retained and associated with the model(s).
  • Allows all project requirements to be associated with the related model elements.
  • Allows the establishment of a concise and accurate turnover environment.


VCAM is a powerful tool for streamlining the commissioning and turnover phase of a project. Now it is possible to deliver a model containing all necessary documentation for the owner to maintain and operate their facility.

  • VCAM makes it extremely easy to retain and recall all documents used throughout the project--including decisions made to alter scope or scale.
  • VCAM can serve as the hub for all health and safety-related documentation, as well as the repository for all LEED-related documentation.


  • Easily add external properties.
  • Easily update all attached information.
  • Easily isolate components via VCAM's advanced search engine.