VCAM for Owners:

Throughout the project hundreds of documents are generated. VCAM makes it possible to organize and manage these documents by associating them with related objects in the model. Once linked to the model, they can be archived and available for rapid access and review.

Imagine a streamlined commissioning and turnover process where you recieve a model rich with information (including O&M manuals), rather than multiple filling cabinets stuffed with paper. This results in lower costs and reduced handling. That’s what VCAM makes possible.

VCAM is easy to learn and allows the operations personnel to access their facility data via the model. Some of the broader capabilities include:


  • Allows design specifications to be stored with related model elements.
  • Allows design options to be retained and associated with model elements.
  • Allows all design iterations to be retained and associated with the model(s).
  • Allows all project requirements to be associated with the related model elements.
  • Allows the establishment of a concise and accurate turnover environment.
  • Allows tracking of maintenance schedules and inspection routines.
  • Allows the setting of alerts and notifications for scheduled activities.


  • Easily update all attached information.
  • Easily attach addtional documents.
  • Easily isolate assets via VCAM's advanced search engine.