Navisworks® based BIM software

A digital repository for your projects, connecting CAD models, design data, and documentation with powerful easy-to-use tools.

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Key VCAM Features 

For Designers

VCAM allows designers to easily attach and archive project related documents.

Store design specifications and project requirements with related model elements.

Allows the establishment of a concise and accurate turnover environment.

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For Contractors

VCAM helps contractors streamline the commissioning and turnover process.

VCAM makes it extremely easy to retain and recall all documents used throughout the project--including decisions made to alter scope or scale.

VCAM can serve as the hub for all health and safety-related documentation, as well as the repository for all LEED-related documentation.

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For Owners

VCAM replaces file cabinets with data rich digital models.

Streamline the commissioning and turnover process with lower costs and reduced handling. Recieve models rich with information (including O&M manuals), rather than multiple filling cabinets stuffed with paper.

Track maintenance schedules and inspection routines.

Allows the setting of alerts and notifications for scheduled activities.

Easily isolate assets via VCAM’s advanced search engine.

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